Imperial Landing Richmond BC

A significant 3-phase project, Imperial Landing at Steveston comprises a 1st phase 3-storey townhouse development, a 2nd phase 4-storey condominium project including a small amount of retail with landscape over parking slab and most recently, a final phase, mixed-use, waterfront parcel with condominiums over retail completed with predominantly hard landscape over parking slab. PD Group began work on the first phase of the project in 2001 and the final phase was completed in 2013.

Imperial Landing Phase 1 Streetscape Planting 

Imperial Landing Phase 1

The first phase consists of 45 townhouses arranged around a rear court that allowed vehicular access to individual garages for each unit.  A loop road serves . . .

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Imperial Landing Courtyard 

Imperial Landing Phase 2

The second and largest of the three phases is the 4-storey condominium portion containing an interconnected courtyard system with pond, watercourse, pedestrian routes with bridges, seating, planting and lawns all sited over a large parking structure.  An amenity room opens onto the main courtyard space with a timber deck that overlooks a pond.  The courtyard pathways connect to . . .





Imperial Landing Phase 3 Easthope Plaza


Imperial Landing Phase 3

The final phase of the project involved development of a long irregular-shaped waterfront lot.  The lot faces onto an existing waterfront walkway on its south side and the city required that the project incorporate 3 plaza spaces to serve as potential locations for events or markets within statutory rights of way that linked. . .

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