Roads, Trails & Greenways

Increasing pressure on transportation networks has inevitably led to an increase in the volume of infrastructure development projects on national, regional and local levels. With experience in designing landscapes for roads, trails and greenways, PD Group works with engineers to provide landscape design inputs for all scales of development.

Working on major highway projects in the UK, PD Group’s principal has experience in environmental impact assessment with landscape review of alignment options as well as detailed landscape design for roads in urban and rural situations. In British Columbia,  the company has carried out landscape design for a suburban connector road in the Township of Langley and streetscape design projects in downtown Vancouver.

Growing demand for environmentally sustainable transport choices has brought about exponential development in dedicated bike paths and pedestrian networks. PD Group has experience with several parks and infrastructure projects incorporating bike paths, trails and greenways.

Rupert Park Urban Trail 

Rupert Park Urban Trail Vancouver BC

As part of a major city park upgrade, the firm designed a perimeter trail within buffer planting adjoining Highway 1.  Other responsibilities on this project included planting in collaboration with a golf course architect on an upgraded par 3 course . . . 

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211 and 80A Langley BC Greenway and Rowhouses 

211 St and 80 Ave Greenway Langley BC

Suburban greenway to rowhouse frontages with fencing, unit access paths and gates, a mix of native . . .

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212 and 77A Greenway Langley BC


212 St and 77A Ave Greenway Langley BC

Suburban greenway including fencing, unit access paths, planting and sodding.

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